Sunday, January 13, 2013

Hole. E. Crap!

The good folks over at CD Baby have just informed me that Floor Your Love, the Grammy-winning home-made CD by The Floor Models (featuring a bass player whose name rhymes with Sleeve Nimels), sold two copies on Friday -- to people totally unknown to me. Complete strangers, in fact.

Even more incredible, I just discovered that the album received a very nice review by jangleholic fan Eric Sorensen over at Pop Geek Heaven, the very cool website run by Not Lame Recordings founder Bruce Brodeen.

You have to register to read all the cool stuff on the site, but it's free and it only takes about half a minute.

In any case, at this rate, Floor Your Love is sure to appear on Billboard's sales chart at some point in the future era predicted by H.G. Wells in The Time Machine.

Just imagine -- the Morlocks rocking out to the album. Words fail me.


Anonymous said...

Morlocks are already rocking out to the album!


Elroy said...

Darn it - bought the MP3 version on Amazon but would have preferred to get the CD through CDBaby, just for their e-mails!