Friday, December 27, 2013

Four Well Respected Men

The original Kinks -- featuring the great Pete Quaife on bass -- on French TV in 1965.

Interesting on all sorts of levels, and I never knew they covered "Bye Bye Johnny."


steve simels said...

What -- no love for their frilly Victorian suits? Which they ditched very early on?

Feral said...

Wow, that was pretty cool. Speaking of suits I noticed quite a few men in the audience of all ages in jackets and ties.

steve simels said...

It was something about France. The Beatles are on record as saying that the first time they performed over there, the audience was all guys. Which sort of took them aback.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this, Steve. And for the props to Pete.

Hannes A. Jónsson said...

A cool Swedish TV footage from Reykjavik in '65:

But for some reason You Really Got Me is dubbed from the record while the support groups are 100% live. A fully autographed copy of Kinda Kinks is one of my most prized possesions :-)