Friday, April 22, 2016

Prince Rogers Nelson 1958 - 2016

You know, this death shit has really jumped the shark.

I was gonna post one of my fave Prince songs -- "Guitar," maybe -- but of course The Artist famously pulled everything of his off YouTube ages ago. Fortunately, his "Baltimore" -- from 2015, and maybe the most powerful politically-themed topical song since CSNY's "Ohio" -- is still up. What a great, and moving, record.

And here's my favorite Prince cover (I'm only half kidding about this).

And I'll give my cartoonist pal Dave™ the last word.


tommy quest said...

2016 hasn't been kind to our popular entertainers - i expect only to get worse by the end of the year.

cthulhu said...

My fave Prince cover is "Raspberry Beret" by the Hindu Love Gods (aka Warren Zevon backed by REM minus Michael Stipe). A blast.

Big Daddy also covered "Little Red Corvette". And the Tom Jones / Art of Noise cover of "Kiss" is good as well.

steve simels said...

I love the Hindu Love Gods version. Didn't know about BD's "Little Red Corvette."

cthulhu said...

The Big Daddy cover of "Little Red Corvette" is on their greatest hits collection; previously unreleased.

Another great Prince moment was the posthumous induction of George Harrison into the Stuff That Jann Wenner Wants You To Think He Likes Hall of Fame; While My Guitar Gently Weeps was one of the songs, and Prince played the solos. Was enough to get me muttering "Eric who?"

steve simels said...

Clapton said pretty much the same thing himself. Seriously.

Billy B said...

Was in B'mo last year around this time. A lot of tension. Prince's tune is killer.

Anonymous said...

Purple Lives Matter


Anonymous said...

Oh, Vickie, you got me with that one.

J. Lag