Monday, April 18, 2016

The Best Stones Song in Years?

Well, actually, it's not the Stones. It's 7Horse, and a great track from their new album Livin' in a Bitch of a World.

But can you imagine this one with Mick, Keith and Charlie?

As a rule, I have a problem with bands who lack bass players, but jeez -- this is some seriously cool shit.

[h/t Mark]


buzzbabyjesus said...

I hear bass.

steve simels said...

On the track, yes. But not live, as far as I'm aware.

Jai Guru Dave said...

Hit it up!!!

Anonymous said...

These guys are the real thing. Where have they been my whole life.

Capt. Al

Mark said...

And they're at The Brighton Bar, in Long Branch, NJ, on April 19, a place I've never been to, which is always something that's an attraction to me. And of equal importance (to me, anyway), a band that complements them perfectly, Acid, opens. Acid's 2015 album, TALES OF CONTEMPT, was my personal top album of last year. Apart from the bands both having dreadful names, they both make good loud bar-type music, and I'm gonna take a chance on saying that they're probably great in person. Hey! What does it cost to say that? Nothing! So I'm thinking of leaving my Brooklyn nest to drive down to Long Branch to catch this show.

By the way, on 7Horse's album LIVING IN A BITCH OF A WORLD, the track following Two-Stroke Machine is an over-driven end-of-the-world version of Stayin' Alive by the Bee Gees. What Urge Overkill did to Neil Diamond on the Pulp Fiction soundtrack, 7Horse does to the Bee Gees. Times ten.

steve simels said...

Just heard it.

You are not incorrect in your assessment.

Anonymous said...

2/3 of So Cal cult band dada. Joie Calio & Phil Leavitt. Saw 7Horse open for the mother band, dada, about three years ago. Enjoyable show.... if you can get past the limitations of a single guitar and drums and similarity of the songwriting. Joie, the guitarist of 7Horse, is the bassist in dada. Seen the parent band lots and lots of times. Many at the Coach House, which is a favorite place of their's. dada gives and gives and gives live with super long sets. I learned to bring extra tape, and stimulation, in the DAT days. Mark, if you get a chance, ask Joie if he can still remember the girl from upstairs at the Coach House circa 1995:-) dada, usually a trio, played as a four-piece that night.


Peter Power Pop said...

Hey Mark:

7Horse - "Stayin' Alive"

Incidentally, the lead vocalist's voice on that track reminds me of Warren Zevon.

Peter Power Pop said...

Speaking of music that has a distinctly Stones-y flavour, XTC's Andy Partridge once said this about his song, "Stupidly Happy":

"I found the one riff that Keith Richards hadn't."

XTC - "Stupidly Happy"

Mark said...

@PPP That's one great line by Partridge.

Elroy said...

Vickie, I'm also a yuuuge dada fan. Sadly overlooked except for their one hit Dizz Knee Land. I think their drummer Phil Leavitt is one of the best live drummers I've seen. Saw 7 Horse once too.

Anonymous said...

Elroy: Yeah, I luvs me some dada. Power, melody, ballz. Super under-rated trio. Delivery galore. First heard "Dorina" on the car radio after a Mark Eitzel gig at the Palomino in '92. It licked me with total tongue rape. The kind of experience you cherish because you know a good feather flicking is fleeting, but timeless. It was sooo in that infinite moment that it could never be that gooood again.

VR - sometimes I play a little bob the drummer