Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Tuesday Skeletons in the Closet

If you were around yesterday, you will recall that I confessed to stealing -- with some inadequacy -- Dave Edmunds' "Let It Rock" Chuck Berry licks on various occasions.

Here's one of them -- the 1975 B-side to my then band's indie single. That's me on most of the guitars, including all the echo-laden leads. It was recorded under extremely primitive circumstances, and it's pretty much of a mess, but hey -- it's a B-side. In any case, as Edmunds imitations go, I think it retains a certain naive charm.

And because I love you all more than food, here's the A-side, which I think is a pretty snazzy pop-Stones pastiche. It was recorded, on the fly, at Electric Lady, so it sounds considerably better than "On the Road," thank heaven. For those of you playing at home, I'm the guitar on the right channel.

In any case, please be kind.


steve simels said...

Note to self: crappy old songs I've posted before less interesting to readers than hoped.

Anonymous said...

Sounds more like a Keith rip off without the brutality. The edited for TV version. Band lacks mojo. What did Nick Lowe say about being kind? Nice baby pictures except for the pose.

VR - How'd you get Candy Givens to sing with your band? :-)

steve simels said...

I actually saw Keith do LET IT ROCK with Rockpile the night he beat the Toronto drug bust. Absolutely awful -- perhaps I'll post it tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Steve, I have the "Live Rockpile" Belle Epoque vinyl bootleg which has that Bottom Line show from 1979. It's been done on CD a few times too. Keith plays like he's really hammered. But he sure sounded fine in the live setting with his own band between 1969 and 1973, which is kinda what I was referring to.

Saw the Elvis Costello/Nick Lowe with Rockpile/Mink DeVille show at the Santa Monica Civic spring 1978. Great. An inferior tape to mine made it onto a 2-LP Rockpile bootleg issued in mid 1980. Shit, me and Sandy ran a boom stand in the sweet spot of the orchestra section. Nobody said shit. We were wearing Hawkwind crew badges that we stole from a show that took place months before. The Civic removed all the seating in orchestra for this show (and the Petty/Johansen concert which followed) so we could move about freely. Got all three acts. Other than a couple of awkward tape flips, it came out pretty good. Rockpile also played the Roxy multiple nights in 1979 after the LP. Caught a few of those too, but didn't tape. We knew the sound guy. Those Roxy board tapes circulate.


John Holland said...

Picking up your blog again after a long (work-related) pause. Just wanted to say that the new (for me) music playing gizmo is The Business, works way better than whatever you had to use before. Happy belated New Year!

VR: would that be this concert?

In a perfect world, all this bootleg stuff would be on archive.org, like the Grateful Dead's concerts.

pete said...

I love a clap-track.

Unknown said...

Hey Vicki- the A-side 'Call Me' is really good. We blew it with 'On the Road' because we weren't quite clear how to make it sound the way we heard it in our heads.
Who's Candy Givens?

Oh did you notice who coproduced the single?

Pete: why would you like the Clap? Oy!

Captain Al

Jai Guru Dave said...


I disagree with Vicki. I think you had your mojo working overtime, making time and a half!

Which would have been about $3 an hour in those days, by my reckoning.

Anonymous said...

Jai Guru Dave

Can you ever really put a price on your Mojo?

Capt. Al

Anonymous said...

John Holland: Yes, that's the concert. I remember that at the time I was just getting over a horrendous case of sunburn (and I don't burn easily). I got it at Will Rogers Beach about two weeks earlier. This was before the Patti Smith show at the same venue. The "You Light Up My Life" show, if ya collect Vicki Vinyl boots. I taped that show from the orchestra seats in a state of substance induced exaltation. But mine isn't the inferior tape used on the hastily assembled bootleg album.

My friends and I had arranged to meet each other at the beach on the Friday of the Patti show. I kidnapped a girlfriend of mine's boyfriend and borrowed him for the day. What can I say, he intrigued me. We drove to his place and I woke him up in the most persuasive way. Then I lured him into the back of another couple's Dodge van and got passionate with him the whole drive to the beach. It was way overdue. I repeatedly bestowed further "enlightenment" on him at the beach from 10:00 AM till 7:00 PM. Needless to say, this also involved substances that helped bring forth the Divine Beast.

It was a super bitchen time other than the horrific sunburn. Incidentally, being as he was more fair-skinned than me, he had a doozy of a case too. But I didn't really feel it till the next day when I was somewhat sober. And it was brutal. Lots of cold cream, chills and fever. I'd have to do a gram of coke just be able to handle sex during that time frame. Amazing how sex can make you forget about the pain and turn it into a positive, though.

The EC/Rockpile/Mink show was under totally different circumstances. First of all it was on a weeknight. The night before, Sandy and me saw the Dickies and X at the Whisky. We met this guy named Allan at that show. He was muy fuckin' guapo in the best kind of rugged manly way. He kinda looked like Steve Railsback when he had blonde hair in The Stunt Man.

After some nourishment at Power Burger, we double-teamed him at the Best Western on Sunset (still one of my favorite places for mischief). And man was he a pump-jack dynamo! The kind of fuck that makes you tingle the next day and think filthy, horny thoughts. The kind that makes you hope that other people can't tell that you're walking funny the day after. Naturally, we took him along to the show and extended our stay at the hotel another night.

Initially, the show felt like more of a duty than anything else. That was because each of us would have rather beeen doing what we did the night before. But it was a big and important show. We couldn't miss it. And it was great! Glad we went! Besides, on the second night, Allan kind of ran out of jam. He passed out, so we tied him to the bed and checked out. The maid found him the next day in all his glory. Ultimately, he was a good sport about the prank even though he pissed himself. We heard about it from him later, much to our delight.

Then we fed him some of our homemade chili as a peace offering. But only after we added Alpo and Gravy Train to the recipe. It was so hard not to laugh as he ravenously ate it and told us how good it was. When he finished his bowl, we told him what we had done to it.

Years later, my oldest daughter asked me if I knew a guy named Allan. She met him at a charity demolition derby and they ended up sleeping together. Eventually, he figured out that she was my daughter. It made him beam with delight. While he didn't mention the sex-capades at the Best Western, he did tell her that Sandy and me had tricked him into eating chili with dog food in it. He told her it really tasted great. Sadly, he died of a stroke in his mid-forties. He was such a cock.

And, yes, John Holland, the Live Music Archive rules. Didn't notice any online postings of the Rockpile SMC show anywhere, but I didn't look that hard. It is the entire second LP of a self-titled (aka Down Down Down) 2-LP set on Edinburgh Records that came out around 1980 ... if you wanna track it down. Apologies for the chattiness.

VR - Bummer about Merle Haggard

danny1959 said...

You could steal from worse, Mr Simels.