Friday, July 29, 2016

It's Covers Week (Part 4): Special Inbred Cracker Assholes (Just Kidding) Edition

From their brand new (eponymous) collaborative album, once again please enjoy national treasure Steve Earle and (I knew her when) Village contemporary Shawn Colvin and an absolutely fabulous take on the John D. Loudermilk and The Nashville Teens' (who were neither, in actual fact) classic "Tobacco Road."

Have I mentioned that I love this album?

Oh -- you can order it over at Amazon HERE.

Have a great weekend everybody.


cthulhu said...

I'm just not hearing the appeal...weak tea IMHO. They both sound bored out of their skulls.

I'd pay for a Dwight Yoakum cover of this song though.

pete said...

That's not my reaction. I think it's a great arrangement of a great song.

Anonymous said...

Great song. Mediocre, at best, cover.

Try Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings. The Airplane put a nice spin on it. And how can you beat the Nashville Teens! Southern Culture on the Skids did an interesting take too.

Saw Tony Joe White do it live and it was breathtaking.

And, BTW, I quit seeing Steve Earle a decade ago. As a person, you could hardly be a bigger ass. And fraud. A chapter in puke.

VR -

Anonymous said...

And he's got a small dick also.

Captain Al

Anonymous said...

Does he talk about himself incessantly and make everything be about himself?

Anonymous said...

Nah. Just a narcissistic personality disorder. The nice thing about narcissism is you're unaware you've got the disorder.