Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Why Didn't I Think of This First?

Words fail me.


Billy B said...


That is one weird freaking pic. I'd like to hear Eric cover "The PawPaw Patch Song". (No, I really wouldn't...) 8^)

elroy said...

I don't have the Photoshop chops, but someone should add a Mr. Peter GreenJeans...

Anonymous said...

Pretty decent name and cover for an Aussie tour bootleg.

How about Clapton Kirk? Or Clapton Crunch?


Mark said...

It IS great. Reminds me of that 1970s "Birthday Greetings From The Cleavers" greeting card, with images of Tony Dow, Larry Mathers, Hugh Beaumont, Barbara Billingsley and Eldridge Cleaver.

Anonymous said...

Hello all...no please remain seated,

I love it that "Thing" from the Addams family is resting on his shoulder!