Tuesday, July 26, 2016

It's Covers Week (Part Deux): Special Tim Kaine's Record Collection Edition

From 2015, please enjoy Pittsburgh's finest, The Clarks, and their fabulous cover of The Replacements classic "I Will Dare."

I bring this up because last week we learned that Democratic vice-presidential candidate Tim Kaine is on record as saying that the 'Mats Let It Be, from whence that song originates, is his favorite album of all time.

Hey, if I needed an excuse to vote for the Dem ticket this year, that's it.


Billy B said...

Wow. That's crazy.

Off topic, the better half and I went to Bethlehem, PA on Sunday and saw Buddy Guy and Jeff Beck. Mind-blowing. It's unbelievable that these cats can play so well given that Buddy is 80 and Jeff is 72. What a blast.

Beck has three women in the band (2nd guitarist, singer, and bass player) that are in their 20s.

steve simels said...

We had tickets for the NYC show, but my girlfriend was ill and we stayed home.


Billy B said...

I'm sorry you missed it, Steve. It was one for the ages (no pun intended). A review of the concert is at the link. Enjoy.