Thursday, July 28, 2016

It's Covers Week (Part III): Special Going to the Dogs Edition

From 1983...well, you'll figure it out.

This album seems to really annoy a lot of people, but I've always found it hilarious. In any event, I couldn't help myself -- I promise something less contentious on the morrow.


Mark said...

There's a Weekend List for you! Best cover versions of (INSERT PREFERRED RESTRICTION(S) HERE).

An Australian artist, Diesel, who has also recorded as Johnny Diesel, recently released an album, AMERICANA, an album of traditional American songs, which includes among others, The Circle Game, Queen Jane Approximately, Born to Run and Born on the Bayou. It struck me initially as kind of lame to call an album AMERICANA, until I read that the artist known as Diesel was born an American, and this album is his take on standard American rock songs from the perspective of halfway around the world.

Of course, if Donald Trump were to become President, he might 1. ban imports such as this one, and 2. demand to see Diesel’s birth certificate.

God help us.

Anonymous said...

Are those REAL dog barks? If so, I that's pretty impressive, if pointless. If they are people pretending to be dogs, not so much. Either way, nothing to get upset about. I seem to remember hearing this as a kid and loving it.

Alzo said...

These canines have nothing on this:

pete said...

I love this, especially the intro.