Thursday, November 24, 2016

It's Turkey Day! (An Annual Series)

From 1969, here's the original classic lineup of Procol Harum...

...and their utterly gorgeous "Pilgrim's Progress."

Pilgrim -- get it? It's not rocket science, kids.

Actually, if memory serves (and if it does, I hope it washes its hands) this is something of a Thanksgiving tradition around here by now. Although I'll grant you that given we're now in the era of President Engelbert Trumperdinck it's not quite the same anymore.

In any case, enjoy the cranberry sauce and stuffing, everybody.

Also -- Matthew Fisher is God©.


Anna said...

A perfect closer for a 99% perfect album that I wish miracleworking remake/remodeler Steven Wilson would lay his magic hands on.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous. Check out both of the 2 Matthew Fischer solo albums, post Procol.
-Tony J

John Werner said...

Anna, you're on point. Steven Wilson does some mind-boggling remasters/remixes. Steve, thanks for another great heads-up. This is exactly what keeps me coming to your site every day!!!