Friday, December 02, 2016

Friday Encounter With Greatness

Guess who I ran into last night while taping a music game show at Sirius XM Radio.

Yup -- the one and only "Cousin" Brucie. I went into total "I'm not worthy" mode.

He couldn't have been nicer, BTW, and when I told him he was great in his guest starring role on Babylon 5, he grinned from ear to ear.

I should add that two of the kids I did the show with had no idea who he was or why I was so excited to meet him.

Have a great weekend, everybody.


Noam Sane said...

A true legend, and how I wish he would quietly retire. I find the 60s on 6 channel utterly unlistenable when he's on, and not just because he plays music from the 50s constantly (unclear on the concept?) but because he babbles on endlessly, pointlessly, about nothing in particular, apparently just so he can hear the sound of his own voice. But again, a true legend!

Your show will be on Volume, Steve? Because I have a whole wheelbarrow of complaints about that channel too, starting with the chickee who prattles endlessly about Duran Duran every morning. Oy.

Anyway, Boo-ya!

Noam Sane said...

P.S. the rug's not working for him

MJConroy said...

I agree with Noam. I understand that folks in NYC area may have a warm spot in their hearts for Brucie earned in his heyday. But as a non-New Yorker and XM listener, I have found him to be a bore. Back before the Sirius merger, if someone requested a 50s song on the 60s channel, they would play a buzzer and say "denied". Now, he plays stuff all over the map.
(I have a similar complaint with Jim Ladd on Deep Tracks who doesn't get the concept of that channel.)
Of course, it's not his fault - Sirius is going for the big names from the NYC and LA markets and they don't care about my concepts of channel purity.
If not for Tom Petty's show, I'd be close to pulling the plug on XM with the steady decline of many of my favorite channels (Bluesville has suffered since Bill Wax left, Deep Tracks suffered after the loss of George Taylor Morris).
But hey, I get your excitement over him. As a former Clevelander, I am willing to cut Kid Leo a lot of slack.

cthulhu said...

I confess I've never heard of him either, but my SXM listening is 40% Underground Garage, 40% Deep Tracks, and the rest split between the Loft, Bluesville, Classic Vinyl, and a little bit of First Wave. But if you're doing stuff on Volume, I'll make room for it.

cthulhu said...

MJ, I happen to mostly like Jim Ladd's show on Deep Tracks even though it's not exactly true to the concept because he does play such a wide variety of stuff - too many of the SXM channels are too narrow for my tastes. Which is part of my affection for Underground Garage - where else can you hear Howlin' Wolf right next to the Kaiser Chiefs, with the occasional Nancy Sinatra or the Rutles? (Although I wish they would dial back the girl groups a bit, and even though Little Steven has described the format as "the Ramones, everybody who influenced the Ramones and their influences, and everyone the Ramones influenced and those they influenced...I'd prefer a little less Ramones.)

mainuh said...

This is coming from a guy growing up in the 60's who occasionally listened to "Cousin Brucie" on WABC...thank god for FM car radios and Sony portables.
Not a fan of the Cousin,but of his critics here, What have you done of any note?
As Teddy Roosevelt spoke (loosely) the credit goes to the man in the arena...)

Steve, pretty cool to have met him.
Mr.Morrow has had one hell of radio career.
What would be more fun than having him recount his inside story's from the heyday of A.M radio.


mainuh said...

BTW- big Babylon 5 fan here.
Bruce made an appearnce...?
Any mor info, I can't recall his character.


Shriner said...

Babylon 5 info about that episode:

it's been a *long* time since that aired...

steve simels said...

Incidentally, the show airs for the first time on VOLUME at 1pm EST on Tuesday. Then it gets re-run at odd times for the rest of the week.

I'm told by the host that it will also be on some kind of ON DEMAND service they have.

buzzbabyjesus said...

I had to Google him. I grew up in SoCal.

Anonymous said...

Hello, please remain seated,

Bruce Morrow has, in the past, done a lot of charity work with a support group affiliated with the NYU Institute for Reconstructive and Plastic Surgery. This Institute has done amazing work with children born with cleft lips, cleft palates, and a host of other even more serious cranio-facial disorders. And he did it without a lot of hoopla and self-congratulations, and with a lot of sincerity.

The support group raised money to fund counseling sessions, overnight stays, etc., for families who could not otherwise afford to do so. The work of angels.

Listeners can determine for themselves whether they feel he's lost a little off his fast ball as a DJ. Fair question. But he's a pretty good joe in my eyes "off the field".