Monday, December 26, 2016

Who Says the Contemporary Musical is Dead?

So apparently Radio City Music Hall's famed Rockettes are being required to perform -- and for most the members of the troupe, who seem to share my low opinion of the president-elect, under duress -- at the Inauguration.

That being the case, and with a hat tip to a certain Shady Dame of my acquaintance, here's my suggestion for the perfect number for the occasion.

Incidentally, I had forgotten that Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick had predicted the outcome of the election on the Jimmy Kimmel Show earlier in the year.

I gotta say, that last clip of Trump making stupid noises would be the funniest thing ever if it wasn't absolutely real.


tinpot said...

Thanks for The Producers. Didn't know whether to laugh or cry. In the end I did both.

pete said...

That Nazi stuff is all too real these days.

Anonymous said...

Re: Trumped- Not laugh out loud but very cool.

Captain Al