Thursday, December 08, 2016

How Is A Rolling Stones Blues Album Without Bill Wyman Even A Thing?

So I just gave a listen to Blue and Lonesome. If it was a homemade CD by an obscure bar outfit from Bumfuck, Texas it would be okay.

For the Greatest White Blues Band That Ever Lived, not so much. Basically, 12 tracks of meh.

Here's what a Rolling Stones blues album SHOULD have sounded like.

1. "Bright Lights Big City"

2. "Cops and Robbers"

3. "Down in the Bottom"

4. "Good Times Bad Times"

5. "Little Red Rooster"

6. "I"m a King Bee"

7. "Love in Vain"

8. "Stop Breaking Down"

9. "Stewed and Keefed"

10. "Honest I Do"

11. "Confessin' the Blues"

12. "Down the Road Apiece"

Period. Full stop. End of story.


Anna said...

I concur.

Michael said...

I guess I'm just desperate enough for something resembling music with a backbone from the most down and dirty rock band that ever was that I'll take it.

buzzbabyjesus said...

I'm one of those "nothing after Exile" guys.

They have long over-stayed their welcome at my house.
The only response to this latest insult, as far as I'm concerned,
is to ignore completely.
It will shortly vanish.

steve simels said...

Well, I disagree about the post-Exile thing, but this one is really surprisingly mediocre IMHO.

Logan Waters said...

For anyone wanting the Stones doing dirty, sleazy blues, I'd recommend the terrific, unreleased Mick Jagger solo album from 1992.
OK, it does only feature *one* of the Stones, but the band plays better than the Stones had for years, and the feeling is just right.
I think part of the problem with B&L is the lack of Mick Taylor. I miss him more than I ever missed Bill. EC is excellent as always, but his slide here is way too thin and clinical-sounding.
Which brings us to production... I wonder how much of the sterility of B&L is Was' fault, and whether someone like Glynn Johns might've made something more of these sessions?

In any case, here is Jagger's 1992 blues album. It's readily available for download (with more takes of these songs) - just search around.

steve simels said...

That Jagger blues record is good as Logan says.

Produced by Rick Rubin if memory serves?

Alzo said...

Mick must need a new jet.

Mark said...

When you're right, you're right. Pause. Pause. Pause. However, there ARE some killer songs on Blue and Lonesome, including Just Your Fool and All Of Your Love and Ride 'Em On Down. See the video for Ride 'Em On Down at

But ... the version of I Can't Quit You Baby underwhelms, and I found it hard to even listen to while thinking of Page and Plant.

Anonymous said...

Instead of doing a blues album The Stones needed to do a Vigara commercial after they took some themselves.

After that very cheap joke I have to admit I think the album's okay. Not bad just not good.I think the biggest problem for most of us is waiting ten years for an album The Stones should have nailed in their sleep. But of course for a good blues album from them we would have had to wait 20 years.

Captain Al

Anonymous said...

It shoulda been a double CD of tracks from their Crawdaddy sets of 1963. That would have made the concept more interesting and entertaining. Stimulants would be necessary to pull it off. Handfuls of white cross-tops, Jack Daniels and a touch of Romilar.

They had ten years, and this is the best they could do? Where's the sweat? Where's the salt? Where's the essence? Gimme somethin' to lick.


Phil said...

Steve, Listonania's aside, this my be my favorite post of all time. Is there a similar Beatles one in the future?

Sal Nunziato said...

I wasn't as kind over at my place. And while many agreed with me, plenty disagreed. Someone even called me an idiot, which is always fun. My biggest problem is that it doesn't sound like the Rolling Stones and I'm baffled that so many long time RS fans think it does.

Billy B said...

I've only heard one tune from the disc as yet and, similarly, I am reminded of Aerosmith's Honking on Bobo from the aughts. I wasn't over impressed with either.

I would have added Prodigal Son to the list...

Anonymous said...

I'd give the Aerosmith release the nod over the Stones, even if it is a gagging jizz eruption. Sure, those boys from Boston always over-glaze the donut, but I really liked Back Back Train from that one. Besides it came with a harmonica keychain.:-)


Anonymous said...

Good job, Steve. Nice selection. Love "Good Times and Bad Times".

M_Sharp said...

It's a thing, it just isn't a very good thing.

pete said...

What's missing here, I think, is Ian Stewart.

Anonymous said...

Brian Jones is rolling over in his pool.