Thursday, April 27, 2017

Thursday Completely Bogus Listomania

Okay, this dopey meme has been all over the intertubes for a day or two now, so I suppose it behooves me to add to the dumbness.


1. The Yardbirds

2. Talking Heads

3. Chrysalis

4. The Who

5. P-Funk

6. The Cars

7. The Searchers

8. Buffalo Springfield

9. Iggy and the Stooges

10. The B-52s

No arbitrary rules, except that a certain Shady Dame and Capt. Al are disqualified.

And a coveted PowerPop No-Prize will be afforded the first person who guesses the band I didn't see correctly.

P.S.: If you don't know who Chrysalis were, go to YouTube and be changed.


dave said...

I'm guessing The Cars.

mainuh said...

Cream, Blind Faith, Jimi Hendrix, Delaney, Bonnie and Friends, Chicago (original / Kath / FIllmore East), Creedance, The Who (first American tour), Neil Young & Crazy Horse /1969, The Byrds, Linda Ronstadt.

Thats my 10


mainuh said...

Forgot to guess -
I'm thinking Yardbirds.
I'm old enough to remember if they would have toured the US.
I don't think that they did


steve simels said...

Yardbirds with Page, Anderson Theater. 1968. A certain Shady Dame was there too.

Phil Cheese said...

I guess Buffalo Springfield (the original line-up, not the short lived reunion line-up) because they had one of the shortest shelf lives of the bands on your list. So logic tells me there were fewer opportunities to see that band on tour.

Billy B said...

P Funk

steve simels said...

Phil gets the prize. I actually had tickets to see them in NYC but I got sick and couldn't go.

And P-Funk were great -- saw them outdoors on a beautiful summer night in Manhattan about twenty years ago. At one point George Clinton leaned over to talk to somebody in the audience and he said "Of course this shit is drug related."

BG, SD said...

Okay, now that the question has been answered and I can post (at least, I assume I can), the Yardbirds did tour the US in 1965 with Beck (they also did a lot of studio work here) and in 1966 with both Page and Beck --- in other words, the "Blow-Up" lineup. I have a poster from the October 23 Fillmore West show, right around when Beck left the band.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Springfield woulda been my guess. They were mostly out west. I probably saw them more than twenty times. Even once with the bogus Dewey Martin New Buffalo Springfield. That version opened for the last incarnation of the Animals in Berdoo. Had my sights set on John Weider after the show but got swept away by Gary Rowles. We got a room at The Mission Inn.

Saw 'em open for Chad & Jeremy and Neil Young had one of his fits. Saw them twice when he freaked out. I thought it was just the drugs. Still not sure if I buy the epilepsy bit.

They opened for the Stones and Byrds too.

Best show was at The Swing late 1967 with Mandala and The Light. 2nd best at The Swing with The Seeds early 1967, albeit sans Palmer. That was just after Sandy, attending a Sparrow gig at It's Boss, made the acquaintance of a young Dutch doctor that had a preference for blossoming girls. Especially ones that artfully teased him to the point of masturbation. Over the next few years, he would make many return trips to the Southland and curry our favor by bringing over 950 ml jars of the best uppers we ever had. They were shaped like M&M's and were dark olive green. Those were the foundation to every buzz I had for the next ten years or so. And we always had so many we were passing them out to all of our friends for free. They were pure joy and great with anything you chose to add to the buzz. Oooh Anton, too bad your wife found you out. By 1972 she put a stop to his shenanigans. But we had such a big supply, they lasted us till the late Seventies.

Just out of curiosity, Steve, were Springfiled headlining or opening for someone like the Beach Boys when you missed the show.


steve simels said...

Vicki -- I don't recall. They might have been one of the last of the old fashioned package shows a la Murray the K, but it's lost in the mists of memory. I could probably do some research and find out....

Deckard said...

Oldest to Newest:
1. Amboy Dukes
2. The Buckinghams
3. Bob Seger
4. Billy Preston
5. Jo Jo Gunne
6. The Tubes
7. Husker Du
8. Smithereens
9. Gear Daddies
10. Foo Fighters

Deckard said...

I'm guessing you missed out on the B-52's

steve simels said...

Not only did I not miss out on the B-52s, but at their first gig in NYC --- Max's Kansas City, well before they were signed -- they borrowed a guitar amp of mine.

True story.

Deckard said...

On another topic - here's some songs from a band I was in back in the early 90's - downloaded to SoundCloud from cassette.