Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Your Wednesday Moment of Words Fail Me

Frpm 2012, please enjoy the irrepressible GWAR doing to "Carry On My Wayward Son" what, frankly, should have been done to the entire Kansas catalogue years ago.

Have I mentioned that words fail me?


Alzo said...

Oh, man. First time I saw GWAR was upstairs at Club Dreamerz in Chicago. A small dark room packed with punks. Chaos, smoke and constant splatter in the air. The funnest nightmare ever.

Billy B said...

What a subtle crew. Carry On was about the only song Kansas did I ever liked. That being said, I can't stand the song when it comes on the radio now.

Anonymous said...

Well,ya learn something new every day

Anonymous said...

What a hoot!!!!! Puts that fucking piece of shit song in it's place!

True story about GWAR:

About 15 years ago they appeared at a Big Apple Comic Con in the basement of that big huge church at 59th and Amsterdam Ave. Dozens of teenagers (including several of my high school students) followed them around the convention floor like lemmings. The guys from GWAR were so nice to all the kids giving them the time of their lives.

So my total thumbs up to GWAR who treated their fans like gold that day!

Captain Al

John Werner said...

If you close your eyes it is quite the perfect deconstruction of an oft overplayed pompous 70's rock stalwart. When you open your eyes it's supremely over the top in a brilliantly sloppy way complete with babbling and made up lyrics. This is why I love rock and roll...nothing is sacred and everything is open for re-invention and new interpretation. I'll never just listen to this song as background clutter again.