Monday, March 12, 2018

Gather Ye Rosebuds While Ye Bay, Putz

Dunno if you watched Saturday Night Live last weekend, but if you did you couldn't help but notice that the show is working on an uninterrupted two year streak of musical guests (with the noticeable exception of Foo Fighters) who have no redeeming virtues whatsoever.

The most recent miscreant: James Bay.

In the immortal words of Leonard Pinth-Garnell -- "thoroughly bad."

Seriously, it's like watching Laurence Harvey fronting the world's lamest rock band.

I should add that I had never heard (or heard of) Bay before Saturday, so I looked him up and learned that he had recently done a cover of Tom Petty's great "Kings Highway" on the soundtrack to Cars 3. And I figured, well, you couldn't possibly do a bad version of that song, so maybe I should listen to it and cut him some slack.

Well, it turns out that yeah -- you CAN do a bad version of that song.

Jeebus, but that kid sucks. And he isn't even the worst one SNL's had on in memory.


Blue Ash Fan said...

I'm so glad that I'm not the only one who's noticed this about the SNL "musical" guests. My only quibble is that I'd say this execrable run is well into its fifth year or more.

Doesn't anybody know how to write a friggin' song anymore? Why is everything so instantly forgettable?

In James's defense I will say that he plays an actual instrument (albeit quite simply) and he doesn't share the stage with a company of utterly superfluous dancers. That's a step up compared to most of the dreck on SNL.

Now, get off my lawn!

Anonymous said...

I figure Lorne is just letting managers buy the slots from SNL for their artists.

edward said...

Wow, I don't thing I've seen that much posing and preening in 30 seconds in...forever?!
But I'm sure he is exactly the supersensitive bad boy he is pretending to be.

Mark said...

I don't watch SNL every week, but when I do, I inevitably see Pop artists, and half the time it's name or band I've read about somewhere but whose music I don't know. It's not what I want to see, but once in a while I do see something I like. I did find it pretty funny when Bay ran his hand through his yet-to-be-mussed hair at 00:43.

And if you want the old guys, may I recommend the new Amy Rigby? The album title is THE OLD GUYS, and there are a half dozen or so top-notch songs on the album, including the song THE OLD GUYS, and the two that follow it.

BG in Q said...

Anonymous said...
I figure Lorne is just letting managers buy the slots from SNL for their artists.

That makes sense. It's hard to believe an actual talent coordinator is responsible for this crap.

Shriner said...

So I looked back on wikipedia over the last few years (as I still watch SNL because I feel I need to...) These are the ones I recall not fast-forwarding through in reverse order and because I basically remember the performance...

Chris Stapleton
Foo Fighters
U2 (which I did not like)
Eminem (liked it)
Taylor Swift
LCD Soundsystem (a band I don't like, but they were good.)
Lorde (was great)
Sturgell Simpson
Lady Gaga
Bruno Mars
Courtney Barnett
(It blurs after that...)

And I remember Harry Styles irritating me for some reason. And that I should appreciate HAIM, but I don't.

The last artist I actually knew nothing about and bought the album because I was impressed? The Ting Tings way back from 2010.

But, as the people say, today's modern music is not made for me and that's what the "skip" button is for on my Tivo.

Anonymous said...

Right on, Simels! This guy is every lame record-biz creation from the last 30 years (if you stopped counting in 1988) rolled into one giant steaming pile of shit.

The only remaining question is if he fucked Vickie Rock, or whatever that crazy chick's name was.

Jim G said...

That was pretty forgettable. Not sure if it was awful because he lost me between :40 and :45 when he posed and fixed his hair for no reason. I'm all for performance art but that had nothing to do with the lyrics and it helps if it's in service of, you know, a memorable song.

Maybe someone else was booked and canceled and this guy was a fill in? I don't pretend to be to be totally current, but I never even heard this guy's name before. Talk about Not Ready For Prime Time . . .

danny1959 said...

Same damn chords as every other song.

M_Sharp said...

That was very bad. Maybe he has a connection on the show? Otherwise, I can't understand how he got the gig. Like Jim G said, the hair move was horrible. And what's up with that vest? Ugh.

Anonymous said...

Re; the Lawence Harvey reference - absolutely priceless.
You my friend have a great wit.

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