Thursday, March 15, 2018

That's Mighty Fine Sitar Playing, Mahatma!

From 2000, please enjoy Belle and Sebastian and their amusingly retro "Legal Man."

I gotta tell you, B&S are a band that I have generally found to be insufferably twee. But I heard this one on Pandora or whatever at my watering hole in the Q-Boro yesterday, and I was shocked to discover that I really liked it.

And BTW -- a coveted PowerPop NoPrize© will be afforded to the first reader who identifies from whence the title of today's post derives.


Steve S said...

The title comes from the end of Tapeworm of Love. I've never commented on this blog before, but I just wanted to say how much I enjoy it and that I think it's really great (which I suppose is another way of saying my taste is similar to yours).

Mark said...

Sure, Belle And Sebastian are twee. But they're a good twee, and at least they use And instead of &. They're twee in the same way The G0-Betweens were. And they (B and S) have been quite good for some time. Take a listen to Nobody's Empire from 2015's GIRLS IN PEACETIME WANT TO DANCE (at -- even though this track is listed on Youtube as Belle ampersand Sebastian. I don't get the ampersand thing with band names, but that's me.

And B and& S did a really ballsy marketing move earlier this year. The band released HOW TO SOLVE OUR HUMAN PROBLEMS as three separate EPs (Part i, Part II and Part III) before releasing all three together as a single album under the same title with the same songs. Why? Who knows?

And your Sitar-Mahatma reference comes from either Blake Edwards' The Party (with Peter Sellers) or Stephen Friedman as Brute Force. Either way, it's from the mid-late 1960s.

steve simels said...

We have two winners!

And thanks for the kind words, Steve S.