Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Your Tuesday Moment of Words Fail Me

From 1965, please enjoy The Lovin' Spoonful, featuring extremely stylish drummer Joe Butler, doing a cover of The Beatles' "Help" backed by somebody's orchestra.

For you younger readers, this was originally aired on a weekly network TV rock-themed show called Hullabaloo.

And this is how, in the immortal words of David Letterman, your parents and grandparents enjoyed the rock-and-roll music back in the day.


joeleeh said...

I remember that! And I remember Hullabaloo as NBC's implacably tacky answer to ABC's great Shindig. The LS seem to know how silly they look and have decided to just go with it.

watertiger said...

Joe's about to become my downstairs neighbor. For reals!

Anonymous said...

my favorite part of Hullabaloo was when an unknown female singer would be featured each week. My sisters and I would yell, "Mob girlfriend!"