Friday, June 01, 2018

It's Australia Week Part V: Special Your Friday on My Mind Moment of Words Fail Me Edition

From 2007, and their essentially unplugged album of Easybeats covers So Easy...

...please enjoy antipodean rockers The Choirboys -- who I have been bending your ear about this week -- and a pretty darned cool remake of the often covered Vanda-Young classic "Good Times."

Apparently, said album is available for download somewhere; me, I got it from friend of PowerPop Peter Scott, which is yet another reason that I love my phony baloney job. In any case, I think that's pretty spectacular, and the rest of the set list is equally impressive.

I should also add that it just dawned on me that said version of "Good Times" -- and the rest of the sort-of-live acoustic covers on the album -- remind me uncannily of The Beach Boys Party LP that spawned "Barbara Ann."

Have a great weekend, everybody!!!


steve simels said...

What is this — No Love for Australia Day?

Anonymous said...

Holy fuck, yet another great version of possibly the greatest rock and roll song ever written to never be a smash hit!

Hell, possibly the greatest rock and roll song ever written!!!

Captain Al

Anonymous said...

PS: Steve relax, sometimes we can't comment on your posts until the evening. Sheesh!!!

Captain Al again

steve simels said...

And our friend Pete chimes in:

The So Easy album is available on the Choirboys website: What's weird is that despite the album being offered only as an MP3 download, it's apparently out of stock and "available soon". Since when is an MP3 download not available?