Thursday, June 28, 2018

Je Ne Regrette Rien. Well, At Least Not Yet.

So -- a certain Shady Dame and I are about to leave London and head off for our seventh sojourn in the land of the Ignoble Frog.

As a result, posting will be oddly Gallic for the next couple of days.

Meanwhile, while we enjoy the oddly James Bondian ambience of the trans-Atlantic chunnel train and the picturesque traffic on the way to our bohemian hotel in Paris, please enjoy our traditional presentation of the Denny Laine (non-cosmic) edition of The Moody Blues and their oh so sad and beautiful ode to my favorite street in the world -- the "Boulevard de La Madeline."

It's a sad day in Paris
With no girl by my side
Got to feeling so badly
Like a part of me died
It would have been
So good to see her
I never thought
She wouldn't be there
There's no girl standing there
And there's no one who cares
And the trees are so bare
On the Boulevard de la Madeleine

Ah. What can I say after that except -- 'allo, sailor!


buzzbabyjesus said...

Thanks for sharing. Interesting. With luck I'll never hear that song again.

steve simels said...

You sentimental old fluff.

Billy B said...

I can see why the band moved on from Master Laine soon after this one...

steve simels said...

Sorry guys, but the Denny Laine period was the only time the Moody Blues were worth a fuck.

Two examples.

"Stop." (The Laine song, not the James Brown song).

"I'll Go Crazy" (the James Brown song).

Everything else after Laine -- from their albums collectively known as THE MOODY BLUES CURE CANCER -- is with few exceptions overproduced sentimental crap that sounds like it was produced in an Anglican church.

steve simels said...

Oh -- and have I mentioned that the Laine Moody's "Go Now" is actually significantly better than the Bessie Banks original?

Anonymous said...

I second what Steve says! This is my Moody Blues, as uneven as they could be.

I love this fucking song. I guess you had to be there. And I was December 2014. It was cold as fuck but what a great city. Too cold to stand there and have my family to snap a picture of me standing under the street sign.

Captain Al