Tuesday, June 12, 2018

It's Moby Grape Week Part II: Special Garageland Revisited Edition

From early 1966, please enjoy Seattle's The Frantics and their haunting ode to an interspecies dance craze the "Human Monkey."

Inspirational verse:

When I say jump, you've got to jump so high
When I say do, you've got to do or die
Yours is not to reason why, you fool

In case you're wondering about the song's relevance to this week's theme, I should mention that said Frantics feature Don Stevenson on drums, Jerry Miller on guitar, and Bob Mosley on bass and vocals. In other words, three fifths of the band that would achieve notoriety a year later as Moby Grape.

I must confess that I hadn't heard (or heard of) "Human Monkey" until a few days ago, when I read about it in the terrific new band bio What's Big and Purple and Lives in the Ocean: The Moby Grape Story by Cam Cobb....

...which can (and should be) acquired over at Amazon HERE.

You can sort of understand why "Human Monkey" wasn't a hit; it's not terribly well produced and it's a little weird, which is to say by early 1966 standards it's a little too smart for the room.

But damn -- it's pretty obvious those guys already sort of had the Grape template down.


pete said...

Fantastic! I had no idea. Were Stevenson and Mosley from Tacoma or was this after Jerry Miller moved to San Francisco?

steve simels said...

Miller? Before.

I'll send you the Grape book as soon as I'm done with it.

pete said...


Anonymous said...

I could hear The Grape doing this!

Captain Al

buzzbabyjesus said...

Very Grape-like.

Anonymous said...

The "B" side is actually an early version of "Someday" - one of the highlights of the 1st Moby Grape LP!!