Thursday, March 21, 2019

Hey -- These Guys are Good!

Did I mention that a certain Shady Dame and I saw The Yardbirds Monday night?

I went in expecting a pretty good tribute band, but as you can see -- these guys actually are the fucking Yardbirds, even if drummer Jim McCarty is the only original member left.

Oh, and in case you're wondering, the aforementioned Shady Dame and I were sitting just off camera stage right.


Billy B said...

That was outstanding, Steverino.

Besides McCarty the only one of these cats I had heard of was Kenny Aaronson.

Thanks for posting...

steve simels said...

Billy B — the guy far left is also in an absolutely killer band called The Doughboys. Check them out immediately.

Billy B said...

The New Jersey version? Checked out "Black Sheep" from them.

You are correct on the killer part.

Back to the Yardbirds' - the guitar players were great and the lead singer had Relf's vocals down.

Goof stuff

Billy B said...

Oops. GOOD stuff.

MJConroy said...

I saw them several times a few years ago when Chris Dreja was still touring. They've gone through several iterations. John Idan does a great job on the vocals/

mainuh said...

Lousy sound mix ( off a phone probably) but good to see them regardless.
35 years ago (1984) I bought the latest incarnation of Yardbird members - Box of Frogs. Chris Dreja, Paul Samwell-Smith, and Jim McCarty.
Fun album and more than listenable.
Lets noht forget that "For Your Love" was written by Graham Gouldman (10cc).
In addition he (co)wrote - "Heartful of Soul", "Bus Stop",...