Monday, March 18, 2019

Your Monday Moment of the Coolest Songs in the World

From 2019, please enjoy...

...The Weeklings (featuring Peter Noone) and a very sharp cover of The Easybeats classic "Friday on My Mind."

And also from 2019, it's The Tearaways (featuring the great Clem Burke on drums) and their tribute to "The Wrecking Crew."

The above was recorded before the passing of the great Hal Blaine last week, BTW (Hal actually got to hear it before he went to the great recording studio in the sky).

I should add that in the last two weeks, both of these tracks got the nod as Coolest Song of the Week over at Little Steven's Underground Garage Sirius XM radio show. Which is itself the coolest thing of the week in perpetuity.

For more on The Weeklings, head over to their website HERE.

For more on The Tearaways, their website is HERE. And you should immediately check out their fantastic CD Anthems and Lullabies, which can -- and very definitely should -- be previewed and ordered at iTunes Music HERE.

[h/t Marc Platt]


Jai Guru Dave said...

To my ears, great lead vocal on the Weeklings song; terrible lead vocal on the Tearaways song.
Maybe it’s just because the first song is so much better?

Anonymous said...

Can we get the Weeklings to cover "Good Times" next? That was hot!

Captain Al

MarginAlt said...

The Weeklings are also top notch on their own. Check out their original song Mona Lisa on You Tube.

mainuh said...

Always a CT. rock band proponent here -...Jennifer's Friends ;-), The
Wild Weeds (Al Anderson).

Check out the "Remains".
Their keyboard player - Michael Brown who cowrote "Walk Away Renee" was from the "Nutmeg" state.

Listen to - "Don't Look Back" - youtube