Monday, March 15, 2021

And Speaking as We Were Last Week of Live Albums...

...from her 1996 Live at Spirit Square, please enjoy the gorgeously honeyed voice of Marti Jones and her should have been a huge hit "Any Kind of Lie."

I had forgotten how great Jones was/is and how amazing that album is till reader Cleveland Jeff mentioned it in a comment last Friday.

To which I can only say -- I thank you, sir.


Cleveland Jeff said...

Thanks- I was glad to see another admirer of that fine record. I posted an overview of Marti's musical career at

ChrisE said...

Still love her 80s albums (on A&M) "MATCH GAME" and "USED GUITARS". Got to see her live once - she and her husband musician/producer Don Dixon played at Harborfront in Toronto. During their encore, they did a nice cover of the George Jones/Tammy Wynette c&w hit "We're Not The Jet Set".