Wednesday, March 03, 2021

Your Wednesday Moment of Be Still My Beating Heart

From early 2020 -- just before the pandemic turned it into the worst year of our lives -- please enjoy The Wild Honey Orchestra, from their Lovin' Spoonful tribute concert, and a gorgeous cover of the Spoonful's "Darlin' Be Home Soon." Featuring the great Rob Laufer. .

I gotta say -- with the exception of the obvious Beatles/Byrds/Stones, there was no band whose albums my younger self listened to as obsessively, and tried to learn the guitar licks to, as the Spoonful.

I would have killed to attend the concert above, is what I'm getting at.


PS: Rob sang a track on the forthcoming -- by early summer -- Floor Models Byrds tribute album that will blow your freaking minds. I'll keep you posted about that, obviously.


Anonymous said...

This is lovely, and then the orchestra joins in and it gets even better. I would love to see this group (or any other, for that matter). Dreaming of being able to see a live gig again...

And here's another excellent version of this chestnut from the fabulous Anne Richmond Boston (of Swimming Pool Q's) for your enjoyment.

- Paul in DK

Todd Everett said...

Guy in the green shirt playing rhythm guitar is Andrew Sandoval, who should need no introduction to Steve’s crew - well, maybe as a musician.

Anonymous said...

One of my fantasies was being able to see the original Spoonful in concert. I was just a little too young. To those of you that did, I envy you.

Captain Al

pete said...

I remember the first time I heard the song thinking, "Hey! He can write big ballads, too!"

pete said...

That line about a quarter of my life was so heavy back then. Now that a lot of us find ourselves in the 4th quarter (or overtime) not so much.

Nick Danger said...

Steve - I was at that show and the previous 8 as well. I have often thought of you when I've been at these annual WHO shows. The Buffalo Springfield show was just as spine tingelling as this one. Rob - as musical director of all of these shows is awesome every year!