Tuesday, March 16, 2021

It's Live at CBGB's Week: Special "Chortling Canines" Edition

So attentive readers will recall that a few days ago I posted my essay -- from the November 1976 issue of The Magazine Formerly Known as STEREO REVIEW -- about the double live at CBGBs LP Atlantic released that same year.

So I thought it might be amusing, or at least interesting, to revisit the songs from that album that I liked at the time. And to see if I still did.

Exhibit A: The Laughing Dogs and "It Feels Alright Tonight".

Well, that one's really good in a sort of 60s Zombies power pop way.

Anybody know whatever happened to those guys?


Blue Ash Fan said...

They made at least two albums.


Their first album has at least one classic power pop tune, "Get 'Im Outta Town."

Gummo said...

That's the least 'CBGB's' song I've ever heard.

Anonymous said...

Until the audience comes in it doesn't sound like a live recording.

Captain Al

MJConroy said...


FD13NYC said...

I've always loved All For The Love Of Rock And Roll by the Tuff Darts with Robert Gordon.

Anonymous said...

The Hound's played a gig with Tuff Dart at Max's in 1976.

Captain Al

pete said...

Sounds like a) a studio recording with added audience and b) Todd Rundgren. I like it!