Wednesday, March 17, 2021

We Interrupt Live at CBGBs Week For the Greatest Cover of a Mashup of All Time

Words fail me.

Have I mentioned that words fail me?

I should add that back in the day, the original Little Roger and Goosebumps 45 of this came to the attention of Zep's management, who threatened to sue it out of existence. However, in 2000, it came to the attention of Robert Plant, who hadn't known about it; he thought it was hilarious and gave his blessing to a CD reissue.

[h/t Oleg Sakhno]


edward said...

Puddles has some pretty great covers. Go to his pity party and check them out. Of course, if you are creeped out by clowns, even better.

Billy B said...

This one works really well. Production is outstanding.

As to Zep's management threatening to sue these folks out of business, I can hear Peter Grant yelling now. He was a surly sort...