Monday, March 29, 2021

You Monday Moment of Speaking of Gorgeous

From 1981 and Dededication, one of two comeback albums which Bruce Sringsteen produced for him early in the decade, please enjoy the ebullient Gary U.S, Bonds and a stunning cover of The Beatles' "It's Only Love."

I loved both records back in the day, but I had forgotten how much I dug that particular track until I stumbled on it on over at YouTube the other day.

In any case, what a pleasure to rediscover it.

I should that add, in honor of a forthcoming dental procedure, I was originally planning to put up a song about my chompers, but with the exception of Steely Dan's "My Gold Tooth" I couldn't find one.


Anonymous said...

There's always Pearl Harbour's "At the Dentist"


Alzo said...

Screamin' Jay Hawkins: 'Bite It'

edward said...

There must be something on The Little Shop of Horrors soundtrack

Anonymous said...

Alice Cooper Group - Unfinished Sweet

Anonymous said...

Savoy Truffle