Tuesday, May 04, 2021

It's Mike Nesmith Week: Part II - The Paws That Refreshes

From 1981 -- and the first Grammy-winning long-form music and comedy video -- please enjoy the opening segment of Mike's brilliant Elephant Parts. Which, I should add, is about as hilariously self-effacing as it gets.

And as I said yesterday, I have a personal story about this, which you'll hear tomorrow. Along with a really great song.

PS: Have I mentioned that Jann Wenner can go fuck himself with a rusty chainsaw for refusing to let The Monkees into the Rock Hall of Fame? Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Puppy Uppers and Doggie Downers! Neighborhood Nuclear Superiority! Fred the Wonder Pig.

I really enjoyed that show for the few weeks it was on.

Anonymous said...

To this day Japanese monster movies had a very primal effect on my emotions. They are such weird dumb movies but they stir up such deep emotions in me. I think the movies had this effect on many of us baby boomers. Godzilla and Rodan's showings on Million Dollar Movie scarred me for life. Nesmith clearly lived that scarred life also.

Like a serious car accident on the side of the road we're horrified we can't look away.

Captain Al

JohnT said...

What wind through Jann Wenner breaks... I read that a long, long time ago.