Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Your Tuesday True Confession (And This May Surprise Some of the People Who Know Me Best)

[Posted this elsewhere yesterday, but I thought I'd share it. Forgive the self indulgence.]

As much as I've enjoyed and been proud of the music I've played and performed over the years since my first foray into a professional recording facility in 1964 -- long story, but the guitar player in my high school band had an uncle who owned one of the most well-equipped and prestigious studios in NYC -- I thank God on a daily fucking basis for the fact that I never became a rock star.
Why is that you ask?
Very simple.
1. I'd have been dead decades ago.
2. Touring? Oh how fabulous -- a plane, a crappy motel room, another plane, another crappy motel room ad infinitum.
3. Having to spend countless hours glad-handing industry assholes, and if you don't understand what that entails you utterly lack a soul.
4. I should also add that I have enormous respect for musicians, but I have no intention of ever becoming one. Fooling around in the studio? Tons of fun. Doing that shit for a living? Gross me out of my condo. 
Regular posting -- with, like, you know, music -- resumes on the morrow.



Squints said...

Plane? You misspelt "VW Bus."

edward said...

I enjoy cooking, but Jesus in a crockpot, I'd never want to open a restaurant.

Blue Ash Fan said...

Have you ever read Tommy Womack's book The Cheese Chronicles? It's the story of his time on the road with his band Government Cheese. Reading it makes you think, "Dear gawd, who in his right mind would want to do this?"

Excellent book, BTW.

ChrisE said...

Yes, it may not be the stuff of legend or museums, but there's a lot to be said for a quiet, normal life.

Alzo said...

You are absolutely spot-on. We start out making a joyful racket with our friends. Sometimes we sound something approaching tight. With a few gigs under our belt, we gather our pennies and book studio time. Although expensive, a recording studio is a grand playground. Sustaining progress leads to friction which turns the fun upside-down. I did it for ten years and though there was a lot of frustration- it was the time of my life. A career? Madness.

danny1959 said...

I´d have given it a shot, were it not for my tragic lack of talent.