Wednesday, May 19, 2021

RETURN OF THE SON OF GIRLS! GIRLS! GIRLS! WEEK -- Episode Three: The Song is Not About S&M. Get Your Minds Out of the Gutter!

From 1999 and the motion picture 10 Things I Hate About You please enjoy Letters to Cleo -- featuring lead singer of the female variety Kay Hanley...

...and their winsome cover of Nick Lowe's classic "Cruel to Be Kind."

That's just cute as a button. I suspect it's impossible to do a bad version of that song, and this isn't one, obviously.

BTW, never saw the flick, but given that Julia Stiles is in it, I probably should.

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MJConroy said...

When my daughter was in high school, that was one of her favorite movies, so I've seen it several times - decent flick. (Her interest was more focused on Heath Ledger than Julia Stiles). She had the soundtrack and became a Letters to Cleo fan.