Thursday, May 06, 2021

It's Mike Nesmith Week: Part IV -- The Short Guy Takes a Powder

From 1972, and his wonderful Tantamount to Treason album, please enjoy The Smart Monkee (along with his Second National Band) and their surprisingly psychedelic take on Pee Wee King's country classic "Bonaparte's Retreat."

This may be my favorite of all of Mike's post-Monkees recordings; I felt at the time it came out -- and still do -- that it really sounded like the kind of thing you would have heard a San Francisco band doing at a sound check at the Fillmore West circa the late 60s. Plus it's a great freaking song (I heartily recommend going to YouTube and searching out the Pee Wee King original.)

Oh, and BTW -- have I mentioned that Jann Wenner can go fuck himself for not allowing the Monkees into his jive ass rock Hall of Fame? Thank you.

Tomorrow: Haven't decided on the song yet, but trust me -- as always we'll be saving the best for last.

3 comments: said...

Two things - I am a Blue Grass fan and prior to listening to Mike that title brought me back to Contra Dances in Maine in the 70's.
The title Bonapartes Retreat had nothing to do with that old Blue Grass tune. .
Anyway- I listened to Nesmith and it reminded me in its presentation of a Byrds song.
Your opinion may vary. ;-)
rob said...

BTW - Fiddle Tune Of The Day
Same title / YouTube

Anonymous said...

What a great track, I'd never heard it before.

Total thumbs up!

Is the rest of the album as good?

Captain Al