Monday, July 26, 2021


Words fail me. Except that this Aaron Lewis guy is a huge asshole.

Apart from the obvious rightwing boilerplate lyric tripe -- although I must admit I wasn't prepared for this bit...

Am I the only one/who quits singin' along/every time they play/a Springsteen song

...I find the track terrifying on several levels.

To begin with, all those lines about how 'this isn't the freedom we were fighting for,' coming from a sunshine patriot who has never worn as much as a Boy Scout uniform, would be hilarious if the record itself wasn't likely to get somebody killed.

And here's a clue, Lewis -- the only thing YOU'VE ever fought for is a better time slot on the tour your shit nu metal band Staind did with Limp Bizkit back in the 90s.

I should add that the song is available through Toby Keith's record label, a subsidiary of the same Universal Music Group that just acquired Bob Dylan's publishing for around a gazillion dollars. Which means they have more money than they need or is good for the health of the Body Politic.

Also -- given, as I said, that the song itself is likely to get somebody killed, I want a massive class action suit against both UMG and Lewis himself toot sweet.


Blue Ash Fan said...

Who hears this garbage and thinks, "Oh, yeah! Love this tune." It sucks on so many levels.

I'd imagine that Bruce, if he's even aware of this thing, probably dismissed it with a chuckle.

Sal Nunziato said...

This is hilarious. What a fucking maroon!
This is quite possibly the worst thing I have ever heard. It's layers of horrible, seriously cringe-making crap.

edward said...

Given I live in Alabama, I expect this is the new national anthem. Right after I'm Proud to be An American.

Shriner said...

Is this the first (only?) pro-Confederate statue/anti-Bruce Springsteen song out there?

I thought it was hilarious as well. And terrible. said...

Great, just what we need another Lee Greenwood, Merle Haggard redneck song.
Once again Trump on the trail this past weekend claiming he won.
S.O.B did not have the class to attend the inauguration- had never happened before
Sweet Home Alabama/ Southern Man - I will take those two songs that juxtapose our trying to figure out our society


pete said...

To be fair, Merle Haggard disavowed his Okie-from-Muskogee songs, not just in a statement from his manager's office but onstage in front of an audience again and again. I don't even listen to this s*** anymore. Why add to the plays?

danny1959 said...

Isn't Toby Keith the country singer Kris Kristofferson read for filth at a party years ago?

Get Off of My Lawn said...

Finally made myself listen to this. Too easy to make fun of when the song itself does that. Sadly he is not the only one though many have been arrested for their patriotic acts of January 6th.