Thursday, July 22, 2021

Your Thursday Moment of the Mind Wobbles

So last weekend, our pal Sal Nunziato -- over at his invaluable Burning Wood blog -- posted a set list of cover versions, mostly of familiar songs, but occasionally by artists I was not particularly familiar with (you can see the entire list over HERE.)

In any case, this 2009 Prince live performance absolutely blew my tiny mind and I suspect you'll have the same reaction.

I know it's a cliche, but damn if that guy wasn't quite possibly the all-around greatest musical talent in the lifetime of anybody who reads this here blog.

In any case -- thanks, Sal. Now I gotta go check out some of your other choices.

3 comments: said...

What an F'n tasty guitar player ¤
Great Mashup of James / Jimi.
No wonder he blew away the field on
"While My Guitar"
Somewhat like Zappa, an underrated
guitar gun slinger

Gummo said...

It's one of the reasons I collect Prince bootlegs -- he played a lot of great covers that never made it onto record, or if they did, were pale copies of what he did live. This, Whole Lotta Love, Honky Tonk Women, Come Together, the Rock Lobster riff-jam, a slew of Sly songs -- he played what he loved and let others worry about categories.

pete said...

I think Prince is overrated as a guitar soloist BUT (and it's a big but) as a producer, bandleader, etc. he delivered and then some on the promise of previous multi-instrumentalists like Winwood and Rundgren.