Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Ringing a Bell?

So a certain Shady Dame and I were watching Bohemian Rhapsody earlier yesterday, and I've turned into a shameless Queen fan, which I wasn't when they were an actual band.

That said, is anybody here alive who actually was alive when Live Aid happened?

The reason I ask is -- and given that this was pre-internet so I have no idea how I heard it -- there was a rumour going around that weekend that The Beatles were going to do a reunion set with Julian Lennon filling in for John.

Specifically, that Billy Ocean said he had seen them rehearsing.

Anybody remember that? Or have any info on how that story got around?


Shriner said...

I was alive then (and watched the whole thing live) I never heard that rumor leading up to the broadcast. MTV would likely have been all over it and I watched *plenty* of MTV around then.

dorethyroad@aol.com said...

Okd guy here - saw live aid and all the charity concerts.
I've seen Alice, I have seen Elton when he had Legs Larry Smith saw Cream, Hendrix, The Who. .
Even though TV Queen was amazing - Mercury/May - jaw dropping
As an aside I bought Brian Mays 3D book of the old English Country Side

dorethyroad@aol.com said...

PS - all the above mentioned Bands were their first American Tour.
Don't even get me started about Blind Faith, Bridgeport, Ct.

dorethyroad@aol.com said...

Or Neil Young and Crazy Horse playing in a basement. ;-)

salhepatica said...

I only ever heard that rumor AFTER Live Aid was in the history books. My recollection is that it was an ongoing rumor promulgated by rabid Beatles fans from the time Julian became an active solo artist and was ongoing for years afterward, and that the Led Zeppelin reunion at the event helped give it credibility. The kind of people who peddled that rumor are the same people who post the meme of Zak, James, Dhani, Sean and Julian on Facebook with the band name "The Beatlesons."