Monday, July 05, 2021

Your Monday Moment of Words Absolutely Fucking Fail Me

And speaking of coincidences, I hadn't lisened to Abbey Road all the way through in I don't know how long. But on Friday, having lunch at my local watering hole, the thing came on the sound system. And I thought -- hey, that's pretty damn good, and yeah, it totally holds up.

But then when I got home, somebody sent me this, and my tiny mind got blown for the second time in a week.

Ladies and germs, please enjoy -- from their new charity album of Beatles covers -- the fabulous Tenacious D.

I should mention that Paul McCartney digs the hell out of the above and presumably has given his blessing to the entire project.

You can read more about it over at NME HERE.


paulinca said...

This is epic but it's no Sonic F**king Death Monkey! :)


Anonymous said...

Thumbs up! What a rip!

Captain Al

Gummo said...

We LOVE the D and have seen them in concert several times.

They're so much fun and know just how to ride the line betweeen homage and parody.