Tuesday, July 13, 2021

It's Roger McGuinn's 79th Birthday

This man changed my life in unfathomable ways.

As every attentive reader here already knows.

And this is the music -- i.e., him on Rickenbacker 12-string -- that did it.

Seriously -- there is no more beautiful sound occuring in nature than that.

Words fail me. And how lucky am I that I actually got to interview him back in the day a couple of times. And see his band in small venues.


paulinca said...

I had the privilege of seeing him in an intimate song-and-story performance. My fourteen year old daughter has come to love the Byrds lately, which is wonderful. Today I will play McGuinn's music to celebrate!


steve simels said...


dorethyroad@aol.com said...

Sorry Steve, late to the game on this post.
IMO the Rickenbacker 12 string and the Rick
Bass (4003) McCartneys Long Horn are two of the most beautiful designs, akin to a Lambo or GT40.
Love Tele's , Hofner design but those two are are wall hangers along with my Paintings