Friday, July 30, 2021

Like God Opening His Bedpan on the World

From 1995, and the soundtrack to TVs Friends, please enjoy the great Paul Westerberg and a really spiffy remake of Jonathan Edwards 1971 hit "Sunshine."

The original version has never been a particular favorite; about the best I can say about it is that when it came on the radio I wouldn't necessarily change the station. Westerberg's cover, on the other hand, has always killed me in its vintage Replacements sort of way.

I should add that I had more or less forgotten about the cover till somebody at Facebook posted it this week in honor of Edwards 75th birthday.

I also should add that the depressing title of today's post is a line from Georg B├╝chner's even more depressing early 19th century play Wozzeck.

Have a great weekend, everybody!!!

6 comments: said...

Knew I liked this guy, he lives in my home state of Maine.
Capricorn (lol) recorded his first album .
1971 found me in my singer/song writer phase -
Mitchell, Taylor, Steven's, Rush (tom), The Sunshine album caught my attention, you know the rest.
Westerberg did a great cover -
Thx for giving me the opportunity to revisit Sunshine

Billy B said...

Nice cover. Love the Replacements vibe.

Alzo said...

"...when it came on the radio I wouldn't necessarily change the station." In a world of short attention spans, that's a hit record!

MJConroy said...

An improvement over the original. I do change the station when the original comes on.

Unknown said...

completely off topic, but.... this should be read by all...

Old Dave said...

Paul rarely misses the mark on covers. What? Shit Hits the Fans? Okay, but he really means it when he takes a swing at someone else's song. As one who grew up listening to AM radio where you'd hear Jackson 5, Rolling Stones, Carol King, Free, etc. in an hour, I appreciate his love for what some feel is crappy music. As this cover illustrates, you just need to take it into your heart, then let it out for all to hear.

Really appreciate hearing this unknown (to me) gem!