Wednesday, September 27, 2023

It's Rocking All Over the World Week: Part III -- Los Shakers Rule, Okay!!!

From 1968, please enjoy The Beatles del Rio de la Plata -- better known as Los Shakers -- and their becomingly Pepper-esque psych stunner "Una Forma De Arco Iris."

I've been a fan of these Uruguayan guys earlier stuff for ages, or at least since Kid Charlemagne turned me onto them in 2007(!), but I hadn't heard the above until friend of PowerPop Sal Nunziato posted it last Sunday at his invaluable Burning Wood blog over here. Apparently, it derives from an album -- La Conferencia Secreta Del Toto's Bar -- which Sal has described as a genre masterpiece; on the basis of the above, I'm obviously gonna have to track it down.

And in the meantime, from 1965 -- and what looks like an utterly charming period teen film en espanol -- here's the slightly younger Los Shakers at their most sublimely Merseybeat-y, with "Always You."

Damn, when that Harrison-esque electric 12-string comes in on the second verse, I'm a goner.

I've said it before and I'll say it again -- of all the songs I've discovered while doing this here blog, this is the one that means the most to me.

Coming tomorrow -- those Moscow girls make me scream and shout!


Anonymous said...

Interesting band. Both of the tracks you provided are from the same album, "La Conferencia Secreta del Toto's Bar."

I got their only US LP, "Break It All", in the late 1970's. It wasn't like I was looking for it or knew anything about the band. It was at Groove-Time Records in Berdoo. Curiosity made me buy it. It was right next to Brian Poole & the Tremeloes' "Brian Is Here!." Now, I'm not a fan of Poole at all, but it was a British Invasion LP that I didn't have. Both records were sealed mono copies on the Audio Fidelity label. But I'd been burned at this store before. The owner wasn't too ethical about how he got his stock or how he sold it. The first time I went there, I bought a sealed LP from him. When I got home, I found out that Grover had resealed a dusty VG- LP. Grover, Grover, Grover. You had to be leery of the guy. Lots of people referred to Groove-Time as "Record Rip Off." I asked to open the records to see if he was on the level before I gave him my three bucks. They checked out. I don't remember ever listening to either record all the way through. But from what I heard I liked the Shakers better than the Brian Poole fronted Trems. There was a horrible version of "Time Is On My Side" on the Poole LP. Sometime in this century, I got the import CD of LCSDTB and a comp called Por Favor. Those are all, likely more, than one needs.

Speaking of Latin American bands, I like Os Mutantes quite a bit. Worth a spin. It's a whole different trip.

Have a groovy day,


Alzo said...

Ah, yes. The Fabs of Montevideo in their 'Rubber Soul' and 'Revolver' years. Also reminiscent of The Move. Bueno.

When, a day ago, you wrote 'Beatles of Uruguay,' I thought you meant these cats:

This answers the question "When is Disco good?" A: When it rocks.

Anonymous said...

Love the Beatles look - unfortunately no
Doug Feiger song writing.
Reminds me of knock off covers at my
Ben Franklin 45's