Monday, January 01, 2024

The Blog by Numbers (An Occasional Series): Special "Well, the Year is Off to a Great Start! Not!!!" Edition

[In which we catch up with a bunch of brief and/or dumb stuff that I've been meaning to post about for a while, but hadn't gotten around to for whatever reasons.]

1. Your Monday Moment of Cahiers du Cinema

Words fail me.

My younger brother assures me that I watched that film on PBS some time in the late 60s, but I have no memory of it at all. In any case, it looks like an absolutely amazing British youth culture slice of life -- for the Shadows-styled rock band with a barely post-adolescent David Hemmings alone -- and I'm gonna order the DVD over HERE toot sweet. I should add that my aforementioned younger brother is gonna review it for us next week, so stay tuned.

2. Is It Warm in Here or is Just Me?

Q: Who is this? (Hint: It's 1973, and she's 18.

A: Annie Lennox.

Wotta cutie. I mean, wow.

3. Okay, Now I Feel REALLY Old

Patti Smith turned 77 over the weekend.

4. I Dig Rock en Español Music

Heard this for the first time the other day at my local Forest Hills Mexican watering hole (Mas Tortilla on Queens Boulevard -- if you're in the neghborhood, stop by and tell 'em PowerPop sent you!)

Apparently they were the biggest rock band in Argentina ever. A very cool song -- and I dig their look the most; it's kinda like Paul Westerberg meets Slash meets Zal Yanovsky and then they all go to that neighborhood joint I mentioned for a shot of tequila.

5. Fun Couples

I'll be honest -- I didn't get the gag for about the first two minutes.

Coming tomorrow -- my year-end Best Albums list.


ChrisE said...

Re #5: Ah, that'd be Lenny (Bernstein)and Squiggy :-)

Re #3: Yes. Sweet dreams are made of this indeed :-)

ChrisE said...

Sorry, the Annie photo is #2.

Re #3 I think that picture was taken at a Stereo Review Record Of The Year party around 1977 or 1978. Question: Is the tall chap to Patti's right William Livingstone?

steve simels said...

Yes, the late Bill Livingstone. A friend and mentor and a helluva funny guy.

Also note my horrific haircut and the Back to Mono button I'm holding.

Jai Guru Dave said...

That Argentinian song is THE PERFECT ROCK SONG!! Everything about it is spot on!
If there were any market these days for rock music on the charts (which I suspect there isn’t); someone should do for this what McCartney did with his demo for Badfinger for “Come and Get It”:
Find a band to record this in English and tell them: “PLAY IT EXACTLY LIKE WHAT THEY ARE DOING HERE!”

MJConroy said...

How about Soda Stereo live? :