Wednesday, January 31, 2024

The Blog by Numbers: Special "Taylor's Version" Edition

[In which we catch up with a bunch of brief and/or dumb stuff that I've been meaning to post for a while, but hadn't gotten around to for whatever reason.]

1. Hello, I Must Be Going!!

So I just did something I haven't done in approximately 50 years -- I bought an album on vinyl!

I did this for two reasons. 1) As I may have mentioned, I got a turntable for a birthday present late last year. And 2) at this stage of my life, I look a lot more like Groucho than any rock star I ever attempted to emulate.

2. I Coulda Sworn I Sat Next to that Guy at a Priest Show...

2. Okay, I Didn't Get This One For the First Two Minutes


4. You Know, Somedays I Really Miss the Wilburys

Heh again.

5. Isn't That You Behind Those Foster Grants?

My good friend Robert Albiston, i.e. the drummer (2nd from right) of my post-college 70s band, just found this flyer while going through some historical detritus. Interestingly, all five of us seem to have been wearing the same pair of sunglases. I should add that, for the life of me, I can't remember The Mushroom, the club where the gig we were advertising was to occur, at all. Any Manhattan denizens remember the joint -- on 13th between Fifth and University?


Allan Rosenberg said...

The Mushroom was the club just east of The New School and around the corner from where the first Lone Star Club would be in a few years.

If not this gig, one of the gigs The Hounds played there was the legendary night when the musical gods reached down and blessed Bobby with a connection to musical heaven during the last set of the evening. I have never heard a drummer before or since play so inventively, perfectly and able to connect to the music as he did that set! I was sitting very near him and my eyes and ears were riveted to his performance. I remember the other Hounds turning to him and just playing off of his magic. It was almost spooky how magical the music was during that set because of him.

Hey, all you doubters what I say is 100% true. Am I correct Steve? We've discussed that performance several times through the years.

Heck, when Tony locked in with Bobby that night the magic flew!

The Truth Teller Captain Al

steve simels said...

Captain — I do indeed remember that night, and it was just as you described. I’d forgotten that was the room where it happened.😎