Monday, February 12, 2024

Give the Drummer Some!!!

Longtime readers will recall my late great friend and Floor Models bandmate Glen Robert Allen...

...who passed away four years ago last Friday.

Glen Bob was one of the most talented, funny, and all around mensch-y people it has ever been my privilege to know and work with. And as I've said on previous occasions, he enriched my life in so many ways I couldn't begin to enumerate them.

I will say, however, that I still really haven't come to terms with the fact that he's gone. Truth is, these days when I go into the recording studio, I inevitably look to the back of the room and expect to see him sitting on the couch yelling at me about tempos.

So you'll understand how delighted and moved I was when I awoke the other day to discover that our brilliant mutual friend Steve Notis had just written, performed and posted this tribute in his honor.


Je repete -- wow.

That's just so heart-tugging and beautiful I lack the words.

Except "thank you, Steve!" of course.

But seriously, even if you didn't know and love Glen personally, I guarantee you can't hear that song without getting, intuitively, that it sums him up perfectly.

So -- thanks again, Steve. You did what us Red Sea Pedestrians call a mitzvah.

And I guarantee that, somewhere in rock-and-roll heaven, Glen is taking a break between sets and going "Thanks, guys. And yes, I deserved that."


Allan Rosenberg said...

That was magic for a very very cool guy!

Captain Al

mistah charley, sb, ma, phd, jsps said...

sometimes i feel discouraged with the way things seem to be going but something like this heartfelt tribute reminds me that there's a lot of good in people too - of course that's one of the reasons that music in such an important part of life - may peace, love, and joy be with us all - and let's remember that loss is a part of love

SRNotice said...


Allan Rosenberg said...


I love the illustration of Glen at the drums. Do you know who did it?

Captain Al

steve simels said...

Captain Al -- I'm not sure who did that illo of Glen, but I can find out. Ask me tomorrow.

steph said...

For no particular reason I was thinking of you today, Mr. Simels. And lo, here you are. Sorry for your loss of a bandmate and friend. These passages are hard. All my best.

JD Goldberg said...

All of the above is true about Glen Bob. He had a heart of gold and brought his joy to us thru his music. He was the Master of Time and from the moment he counted off it was exciting and you knew it was going to be a blast. Man, I miss him!