Wednesday, February 07, 2024

The Blog by Numbers: Special "Crass Post-Grammys Commercialism" Edition

[In which we catch up with a bunch of brief and/or dumb stuff that I've been meaning to post for a while, but hadn't gotten around to for whatever reason.]

1. Verrrrrrrry Interesting!!!

Okay, I had never seen those clips before (h/t to faithful reader Jai Guru Dave) but they're pretty funny. I should add that a) I don't remember the black gal, who is so adorable I can't stand it, and b) I particularly like the gag featuring Jeremy Lloyd, the tall skinny blonde actor from A Hard Day's Night.

2. The Golden Age of New Jersey Television

Ah, Uncle Floyd. I actually owned the 45rpm disc reproduced above; it came in very handy for clearing the room when a party at one's apartment had gone on too long.

3. I've Said It Before and I'll Say It Again -- Joni Mitchell Has Never Known Bupkis About Makeup

That wasn't quite the reaction to Sunday's Grammys at Casa Simels. but we'll let that pass for obvious reasons.

4. In the Immortal Words of Christina Applegate -- "The Mind Wobbles!"


5. Lust for Housekeeping

Hey Osterberg -- I know the feeling.


ChrisE said...

Re Iggy: He'll search and destroy... DUST BUNNIES!!!

Anonymous said...

That B-52's meme made me snort out loud in a meeting at work. Thanks!

justsomeguy05 said...

It's a shame the videos of musicians on Uncle Floyd's show are either lost or have "licensing issues". For a brief time some interesting folks appeared on the show. Can't recall whether that single was b/w Floyds other "hit" "deep in the heart of jersey" or was the follow-up to it. "The mind wobbles" indeed. Great post.