Thursday, February 15, 2024

Your Thursday Moment of Anti-Climax

I can't believe somebody guessed it.

Specifically, reader John K, the now proud recipient of a coveted PowerPop No-Prize©.

In any event, here's the answer in question, i.e. to "what is my favorite Paul Revere and the Raiders song?" -- the delightful Phil "Fang" Volk written and sung slice of proto-hippie idealism that is "In My Community."

I should add that said song is, obviously, from the Raiders Spirit of '67 album, which is for my money as good as any 12-incher done that year by any American band, and I include Moby Grape in that assessment, so you know I'm not kidding around.

I should also add that reader J.K.'s award was dispatched to him via Owl Express™, the mail service supervised by the great Flaco (seen below checking out somebody's apartment on Manhattan's Upper West Side recently).

Oh, and coming tomorrow -- a Weekend Essay question with an at best tangential relationship to any of the above, so I'm not gonna make you guess. You'll enjoy it, though -- trust me.


MJConroy said...

Music that will spin your head around?

Gummo said...

It makes me sad that there's no potential mate out there for Flaco.

Anonymous said...

I have become tired explaining the greatness of Paul and the (rotating cast) of boys. Your favorite hometown garage band likely took many of their cues from the group.

Do yourself a favor and seek out the non-raga version (which is also brilliant) of "Louie, Go Home," a song that somehow made it across the pond to The Who and Bowie.

Bob in IL

ChrisE said...


Just curious - did you and the rest of the Floor Models ever cover, either in the studio or live, any of the songs from "SPIRIT OF '67" ?

Allan Rosenberg said...

My favorite is "Him or Me". I played it frequently on the radio show!

My Favorite album "Midnight Ride".

Captain Al

steve simels said...

Hey chris E (and Captain Al)

No, the Floor Models never did a song from Spirit of 67, but here we are in '88 doing "Him or Me" live!!!

mistah charley, sb, ma, phd, jsps said...

"the house i live in [that's america to me]" is a song along the same general lines, although from a generation earlier - here's a link to sam cooke's rendition

MJConroy said...

That keyboard in "In My Community" sounds like it was sampled for Super Mario Brothers.