Friday, February 02, 2024

La Fin de la Semaine Essay Question: Special "Tales of Reflected Glory" Edition

From Wednesday's Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, please dig power pop keepers of the flame The Lemon Twigs and a killer live version of their glorious current single "My Golden Years."

Attentive readers are aware that the two frontmen of the Twigs are the scions of my old friend and occasional bandmate Ronnie D'Addario, and in the case of Michael and Brian, the apples (if I may mix my metaphors) didn't fall far from the proverbial tree. But what really tickles me about that clip -- apart from the utter fabness of both the song and the band's performance -- is that if you look to the far left, you'll notice that they're using the restored vintage (1962) Fender Bassman that I gifted the kids after I, er, retired from the concert stage.


Thank you.

And that, of course, leads us inevitably to today's business. To wit:

...and the piece of vintage musical equipment -- guitar, effects pedal, amp, keyboard, whatever -- you'd most like to have in your personal collection and/or home studio is...?

No arbitrary rules here, but we're talking rock-and-roll obviously, so don't be a wiseguy and nominate a Stradivarius.

In the meantime -- Discuss!!!

And have a great weekend, everybody!!!


Allan Rosenberg said...

One of Pete Townshend's smashed guitars from the sixties.

Captain Al

paulinca said...

I have two hopes with the Twigs: that they draw attention from music fans from all ages and that younger fans begin discovering what inspires the brothers to write their music. There's so much older music that needs to be listened to!


Cleveland Jeff said...

1950 Broadcaster

Gummo said...

When I was a kid and other kids were daydreaming about cars, I was dreaming about stereo equipment. One of my dream pieces was a Thorens turntable.

Of course, now that I could afford one, I don't want or need it.

As for playing equipment, nothibg will ever surpass the simple greatness of the classic wah-wah pedal. Had one for years and just loved loved loved it.

mistah charley, sb, ma, phd, jsps said...

as a keyboard dilettante [a few times in front of a few hundred people, never a paid gig] i always envied a hammond b3

now one can approximate its sound pretty closely with software - the current keyboardist in kansas endorses one virtual version that seems very cool

Nick Danger said...

I'd like to get back the 1961 Fender Custom Esquire that I traded away in the early 80's. Of course now, I couldn't afford it. That and the '63 Rickenbacker 12/6 convertable with the cool claw thingie that pulled 6 strings flat on the fretboard to convert the 12 to a 6 string guitar. Ahhh.... the one's that got away.

JD Goldberg said...

I would want a Vox Super Beatle amp. Also the ‘67 black panel Twin-Reverb I sold, and my black Rickenbacker 360-12 string that I sold. I still have my first Vox wah and 1st Maestro FZ-1 fuzz pedal.

steve simels said...

U second the Vox Super Beatle amp.

Anonymous said...

maybe John Sebastians autoharp. ps i still have my old TD160c and it works fine.

danny1959 said...

I miss my 12-string acoustic. Also, I would like to have a decent bass.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to get my first stereo receiver, a 1975 Marantz 2220B, and my set of Advent walnut case speakers, back into my current Hi-FI setup.

Anonymous said...

Signed, Phil Cheesebrough

Anonymous said...

Me .. my Martin Logan with my Sansui Amp
. Wheels of Fire never sounded better. ;-)

Alzo said...

Not to brag (cough), but I own the world's prettiest guitar: A 1979 Gibson V2 with a unique (?) red sunburst finish (I was told it was made for a trade show).
The piece of axe I would like to own is a Mosrite 6-string a la Johnny Ramone. Those things have wicked low action.
Now if I could only remember what happened to my Big Muff distortion pedal...

cthulhu said...

A Suhr Aura - the Les Paul done right by an extraordinary guitar craftsman, was only available in a limited edition of 100. I’m in good shape guitar-wise, but if Suhr ever makes the Aura again, I will beg borrow and steal my way to one (and ordinarily I’m much more of a Fender player!)

A 1959 Fender tweed Bassman - that’s my holy grail amp, although I wouldn’t turn down a Dumble Overdrive Special :-)

A mighty Hammond B-3 (I’d take a C-3, as the differences with the better-known B-3 are only cosmetic) with a model 147 Leslie. The king of rock keyboards!