Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Let Us Now Praise Famous Women

From 1988, please enjoy the irrepressible Cyndi Lauper and her fabulously New Wavey shoulda-been-a-huge hit "Hole in My Heart."

Which would make a fabulous segue into "Turning Japanese," doncha think?

In any case, that's from Vibes, the largely forgotten sci-fi/adventure/rom-com Lauper did with Peter Falk and Jeff Goldblum; I loved it when I first saw it, even if very few other people did, but I'm planning to stream it tonight to see if my younger self had taste as good as I gave myself credit for.

Reason I bring both song and film up, however, is that a certain Shady Dame and I just watched the Netflix documentary on the making of We Are the World, in which Lauper features quite prominently, and I fell in love with her all over again. I don't know if I've ever mentioned it, but why Lauper didn't have Madonna's career is a question that has plagued me all these years.

As for the WATW flick, which Lauper more or less steals, I highly recommend it; it's far more interesting and entertaining than I'd anticipated, and seeing all those 80s pop celebs in one room together being all nervous, insecure and star struck (unlike the older veterans amongst them) is kind of a hoot. It's also fascinating about the logistics and technical challenges involved in the production of the titular song, and I must confess that with the passage of time I've become far less critical of said song on an esthetic level; back in the day, it struck me as insufferably self-congratulatory, but today -- not so much. It kinda works.

I should add that Paul Simon is credited with a joke during the session that had me rolling off my couch in hysterics, I'm not gonna give it away, so there's one more reason to stream the movie yourself.


Anonymous said...

I loved Stevie demonstrating to Dylan how to sing his part

Allan Rosenberg said...

My guess as to why Cyndi did not have a Madonna size career would start with the fact she kept her clothes on.

Puritanical Captain Al


Anonymous said...

Cyndi had her own "Turning Japanese," it was called "She Bop." I'm talking lyrically, of course.

Bob in IL

Gummo said...

Cyndi derailed hee own career with a baffling detour into the pro wrestling world. That killed her momentum for years.

Allan Rosenberg said...


What the hell did she do in pro wrestling?

Captain Al

Gummo said...

She got involved with Lou Albano, promoting wrestling. IIRC, she abandoned her singing career for a few years.

Alzo said...

...and maybe she did what she wanted to do. Perhaps being Madonna-level famous is not such a great life.

Gummo said...

Also, true.

getawaygoober said...

I saw Vibes when it was on cable TV.
I thought then that she could easily do acting roles.