Monday, February 25, 2008

Congrats to Glen Hansard!

For his Oscar win for "Falling Slowly."

You've come a long way since The Commitments, baby!


steve simels said...

And good for Jon Stewart for coming back and giving his partner her own time for her acceptance speech.

By far the best moment in an otherwise dishwater dull show.

And I'm still pissed Marshall Crenshaw wasn't nominated for best song for writing the theme to "Walk Hard."

Three -- count 'em, three -- nominations for not terribly good songs from "Enchanted"? And that abomination from "August Rush" (easily the most satanic movie Robin Williams has ever been in, which is going some)?


steve simels said...
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Cleveland Bob said...

Good on Glen.

Really nice song and great little movie. As Colin Farrell said last night, I'm chuffed!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to be the voice of dissent here, but I thought that song was dreadful--the melody anyway, since I couldn't make out any of the lyrics.

I agree about the twaddle with "Enchanted," but I thought the song from "August Rush" should have won. I didn't see the movie, so I can't comment on its demonic leanings, but at least that little girl could actually sing--as opposed to Glen and whatshername, who just sat there, moaned, and looked sensitive.

agitpropre said...

Actually, it is a great song from Once, a great movie. Some lovely sequences with the music allowed to shine through - not just act as soundtrack cues.
I'm surprised to hear anyone slagging off Glen Hansard's singing - he has been doing it rather well for a long time. Marketa Irglova has a great voice as well.

Anonymous said...

Love the song, and was quite happy to see it win the award, but I didn't think the performance during the show was really all that strong. The orchestra didn't help, and neither did the abrupt ending. Here is the clip of the song from the film. I really loved the film, too.

I don't know from Enchanted, but that first song really wanted me to jam an ice pick into my ears.