Sunday, May 20, 2007

...But Fueled By Beer

I hope NYMary will forgive me if she's previously posted this, but it's just so cool I can't resist.

It's Guided By Voices, one of the greatest bands who ever lived (or so the guy at the beginning of the clip says), performing their infernally catchy "Teenage FBI.

I mean, the fabulous guitar riffs and the addictive tune notwithstanding, what makes this song so great is that the phrase "teenage FBI" is such a wonderful metaphor for...well, actually I'm not sure what's it's a metaphor for. But it makes some kind of sense in the context of the rest of the lyrics so what the hell.


NYMary said...

I've actually never seen this video! Cool!

steve simels said...

Then I've added to the sum total of human knowledge.


Gardner said...

Cool indeed. Even the occasional faux Cockney accent can't keep it down. Many thanks!