Monday, May 28, 2007

Monday Really Obscure Stuff Blogging

Ladies and germs, without further ado, here's Norma Tanega's "Walking My Cat Named Dog".

An actual Top 40 hit in its day.

Pretty cool song, if truth be told, but I'm betting that even its auteurette doesn't remember it.

[ht numero uno Norma Tanega fan Kerrin L. Griffith]


dave™© said...

Actually, Norma remembers it quite well.

BTW, turns out she came from the town I'm living in - which was also the home of Sly Stone!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Simels. I had forgotten how happy-clappy it got in the middle. I also thought it charted earlier, more like '64 than '66, a watershed time in pop. And did not know that Bob Crewe connection... all in all, ever so edifying.

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