Monday, May 21, 2007

Dirty F*@*!!!#ing Hippies!

Okay, this one's really peculiar.

Behold, in breathless wonder, the Edgar Broughton Band performing their puckish satire on contemprary mores "Apache Drop Out".

Yes, it's a decades ahead of its time mash-up of Captain Beefheart's "Drop Out Boogie" and the often covered early 60s surf classic "Apache." Like I said, peculiar. If for no other reason that it actually made the British Top 40 in 1970.

Incidentally, if you're unfamiliar with the Broughtons, you're in good company. Although their idiosyncratic brand of prog-rock, punk, blues and psychedelia has made them something of a Grateful Dead-like institution in the UK, they've never made any (you should pardon the expression) noise here in the States. Like Status Quo, sparkling Eno and Vegemite, they're apparently just too darn British to travel well.

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